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We all know that food in Lake Tahoe can be expensive, especially if you have a family to feed, but we've compiled a list of our favorite places to eat at Lake Truckee Resort and Hotel. Whether you're visiting the area or just widening your culinary horizons, we've put together our restaurant search, which covers all of your favorite restaurants and hotels in South Lake Sierra California, as well as a quick guide to dining at Lake Reno.

California Burger Co. is located right next to Lake Truckee Resort and Hotel, so staying there makes it easy to get there.

For 21 years, this popular place has combined fine food with the best of both worlds: great food, great service and a great atmosphere. The Tahoe Daily Tribune selects the top ten most popular restaurants in the South Lake Tahoes food scene.

Now it's your turn to dine at some of the best restaurants in Lake Tahoe and relax by exploring beautiful natural attractions and attending local events. If you loved this list of places you love in South Lake Tahoes, please leave a comment below listing your top ten favorite places to eat locally.

Sometimes the weather is just too good to eat indoors, but you want your Tahoe picnic to include a hot cake. There is probably no better place to eat pizza and burgers than at a local restaurant in South Lake Tahoes. For a faster and more relaxed meal, try one of the many restaurants in the area, such as El Dorado's Pizza & Bar or the local pizzeria.

Other places to enjoy the view of Lake Tahoe and watch a breathtaking sunset are Tahoes National Park, Truckee Lake and Sierra Nevada. There are a few cafes where you can get your food going, but either way, don't behave, they'll be happy to let you go. At one of these TahOE eateries, located just a few blocks from the beach or a short drive from Lake El Dorado, you can find fine dining with incredible views.

There are five Starbucks to choose from and there are plenty of ways to walk around town for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. All four casinos offer fantastic, affordable breakfasts, but if you're eating breakfast on the go, go to Rude Brothers Bagels and eat an egg muffin.

If you want to satisfy your appetite at a South Lake Tahoe restaurant, return to your dream accommodations at Eden Vale Inn. If you want a pre-made meal for a picnic, visit Cork More in SouthLake Tahoes before visiting one of the four casinos, such as Casino's Chart House or the hotel. The elevated lake view and the views of the Sierra are found in the upscale gastronomy of the casinos, which is casually elegant and much more intimate than the casual dinner in a hotel room. You will also find elevated lake views, Sierra Viewing and Sierra View, if you so wished.

Bert's Cafe is located in a vacation rental in South Lake Tahoe and offers pancakes, eggs and crepes that take on a classic pancake and Benedict crepe egg flavor. Considered one of the best restaurants in the area and offering a dive, Burger's is also located on a hill with a nice place to sit and watch the passing trains. When you're as old as me, it only takes a few years for the old-school charm that is Berts to prevail.

With island decor and friendly staff, this freshly prepared restaurant on Lake Tahoe Boulevard is a small slice of Hawaii. In the summer months, you can enjoy live music on the terrace, and in the warmer months, an outdoor terrace overlooks the lake. Bebe with a casual camp atmosphere that captures the spirit of South Lake Truckee and makes the kids smile during their vacation in SouthLake Tahoes. They have live music every night by the fire and In the warm months, they have outdoor terraces overlooking the lakes.

If you're interested in what a typical trip to South Lake Tahoe looks like, check out this video we made on our last trip. Eagle Lake is the second largest lake in the USA (Crater Lake in Oregon is number one at 1,949 ft) and is even larger than the largest freshwater lake on earth, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. California is home to some of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes and lakes in the world.

Lake Tahoe has a coastline of 71 miles, which is a huge one by California standards, and is the second largest freshwater lake in the USA and the third largest in North America. South Lake Tahoes is manageable in a vehicle and most of the things you want to do are within a radius of a few miles. There are several cafes and restaurants around Tahoe Square that allow you to eat on the go.

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