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Lake Tahoe ski resorts are spending millions of dollars on upgrades to improve the experience of skiers and boarders this winter. The world's best mountain resorts, which surround the turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe, will be catering for this summer with the opening of the new South Lake Sierra Ski Resort in January 2016.

What you need to know when planning a trip to Lake Tahoe, and what you should know about the art that families can enjoy while relaxing in the Lake basin. The Gold Lake Highway, closed in winter, runs parallel to the South Lake Sierra Ski Resort and offers the mountain range's summit lake a high density of skiers that extends beyond the 18 surrounding ski resorts. Here you can see some of the best photos of families enjoying the magnificent view from the top of one of the most popular seaside resorts.

South Lake Tahoe is worth taking the sandy beaches and snow-capped mountains for the same photo. Cross the state line into Nevada and it is an outdoor lover's dream to be on one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, just a few miles from the Gold Lake ski resort.

South Lake Tahoe has a beautiful lake for hiking, waterfalls for hiking and what more could you want? Hike up the waterfall, get on a boat at Marina Ski Run, have lunch in the majestic setting and get back on the boat to spend another day skiing, snowboarding or hiking.

Joyce Major is one of the local Lake Tahoe artists who paint watercolors inspired by the beautiful alpine landscape of Lake Truckee. The first step in painting is inspiration, the lake itself and the scenes you see while skiing or hiking.

Drive an hour west from Lake Tahoe and you will find pretty much every creek that has a decent color. The bears are filled with gold flakes and there is a drain from the lake and the Truckee River into the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Ellen Nunes Fine Art has been on view at the Emanate Gallery in South Lake for several years, but has forgotten other places around the lake. In early March, a plant was set up in the parking lot of the Lake Tahoe Convention and Visitors Bureau, and a bear was seen climbing over it. The footage was posted on the Ellen Nunes Facebook page, where fans asked for music. It was supposed to go off because of coronavirus, so it was removed and reposted.

The Ellen Nunes Fine Art Exhibition at the Emanate Gallery in South Lake Tahoe is a collection of objects that focus on the landscape of Lake Sierra, with a particular focus on Lake Reno and the Sierra Nevada.

This gallery in Incline Village, Nevada, focuses on authentic Native American and southwestern Tahoe art, with a particular focus on jewelry. This art and crafts gallery represents a wide range of innovative artists. The Tahoes of the South Lake Tahoe Museum of Art and the Emanate Gallery in South Tahune hold outdoor exhibitions.

If you're interested in what a typical trip to South Lake Tahoe looks like, check out this video from our last trip. There are simply so many different places to visit, eat and hike around the Tahune area, but the list will expand as this guide will accompany you throughout your stay in South Lake Tahoes. This guide covers everything from restaurants and coffee to hiking and adventure.

Starting this summer, various Tahoe Art League artists will be working on their work in the South Lake Tahoes area. For a full list of locations and dates, please contact them. There will also be year-round demonstrations and sales from June to the end of July.

It is also interesting that the very established Tahoe Art League is a worthwhile non-profit organization that was founded to promote the art of emerging - and upcoming - artists on the southern shore of Lake Tahoe. The center focuses on supporting artists and developing awareness and appreciation for art in the Lake Sierra community. It is a facility of the TCPUD, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and hosts a variety of art programs for children, adults and seniors, as well as a wide range of arts and crafts activities for all ages and abilities.

There are few better places to dip into winter in style than on the southern shore of Lake Tahoe, and artists are looking out over the vast Echo Peaks. It is said that the area was a ghost town for a few years after the ski resorts closed.

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More About South Lake Tahoe